Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Runaway Teen Challenge!!!

Runaway Teen Challenge Rules:

Hey Guys!!! Welcome to my version of the Runaway Teen Challenge. This version is for the Sims 4 and the Outdoor Retreat Game Pack (which you don't have to have btw).


~For this challenge to work you can only play as a teen. But as we all know we cannot start a household with only a teen. So the only choice is to get rid of that pesky Adult. I found two ways that I think are the simplest ways to do so but can take a few days, so be patient:

1) You can build a room with four walls and a door. Have your Sim Adult go inside. Pause the game and go into build mode to delete the door. I heard the Sims die of starvation after 3 days. Hint: To make the starvation go quicker have them be really hungry when they go inside, that way they might even die sooner.

2) Build a small pool. Have your Adult Sim get in. Pause the game and enter build mode. In build mode your going to add a fence all around the pool so the Sim can't get out. Wait it out and soon your Sim will be so uncomfortable that they'll die.

~After teen is truly alone on the lot can you begin the challenge. First delete the house or pool you used to kill off the Adult Sim. Then use testingcheats on > money 0 to delete all the money from the household. From here on out they have to earn every penny they want to use.


1) Sims can only earn money from fishing, finding collectibles and selling them, and gardening.

2) No electronics allowed*. That means computers, TVs, gaming consoles, work out equipment, or cell phones > so put it on silent.

3) You cannot have any type of job until you become a Young Adult and have a Home*

*Having a home means having 1 bedroom, 1 kitchen, and 1 bathroom.

4) You cannot go to school. You must cancel the need everyday.

5) Your teen can only talk to other teens and children. When they become Young Adults they can only speak to teens and other young adults. Adulthood means they can speak to anyone.

6) When your Sim starts earning Simoleans they can buy camping gear to put on their lot*. Includes: tent. shower/bathroom, grill/or fire pit.

*Must have Outdoor Retreat Game Pack

7) Until you purchase camping gear or home your Sim can only shower/use bathroom at community lots such as the park, gym, library, and Museum. 

8) Changing clothes cost Simoleans:

~Tops: $5
~Bottoms: $10
~Dresses: $15
~Shoes: $20
~Hair: $25
~Sims don't need to buy accessories until they are a young adult with a home*.


~To begin randomly generate your Sim's parent. Can be Male or Female. Don't go into too much detail as they won't be around much longer anyway.
~Then create your Runaway teen to look however you want, but don't make them flashy. Choose clothes that you think are the most run down.
            ~They MUST be a Teen.
            ~They MUST have the Loves Outdoors trait.
            ~They can be a Male or Female
            ~Choose any aspiration except: Mansion Baron, Fabulously Wealthy, and SoulMate.

~Place your Teen on the smallest lot. (20x15)

~After parent is dead and gone, you can choose to keep Urn or Release Their Spirit.

~Delete all funds.

~Truly begin journey as a lonely teen runaway. To beat/finish the challenge you have to have a Home*, a nice job, married, and have kids (at least 1) before becoming an Adult. Bonus if you complete your Aspiration before becoming an Elder. 

~I hope you guys enjoy this challenge. If you have any questions or suggestions don't hesitate to leave a comment below.~

Happy Simming!! ~AquaSimmer(:

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