Friday, July 3, 2015

2015/2016 Lilly Pulitzer Agenda Review

Hey guys what's up!! The new Lilly Pulitzer Agenda's are here!!
This is my first time ever getting one so I was super excited.
I've seen SO many different posts about how amazing they
are so I just had to buy one for myself. Actually it just arrived
today. So this post is all about my first impressions.
Hope you enjoy!!!!!

So after careful consideration (and deciding which one had
the most light blue) I choose the Scuba to Cuba print.
The cover was is so cute and I feel the photo doesn't
give it justice. The only thing I wish is that the band
was turquoise like the background (Turquoise is my
favorite color :)

Next we have the inside cover with #Resort365,
which I think is super cute btw. On the other side
we have a pocket that features palm trees. I think
I'm going to put my stickers inside and other important
things from school.

Another cool aspect is the Palm Beach and Palm
Beach map watercolor pages. I thought this was a nice
add-on to the new agenda's. I don't know about you,
but these pages make me want to pack my bags
and go on vacation!!

Speaking of vacation we also get some super cool
vacation itinerary pages. Since I don't travel much
I know I won't get much use out of them (at least
until spring break that is).

Now we can't forget about the sticker page!! I think
they are really pretty. But they aren't as academic
as I seen in last year's agenda's. But they can be
good for decoration.

Another new feature is an address book section. I usually
just add numbers straight to my phone. But if you're
in class, this is a good alternative. 

Here is one of the pages that starts the monthly and
weekly section of the planner. It has a beautiful design
and a really cute quote to go along with it.

Now I really like how big the boxes are in the
monthly section. I know with being in college
I'll have a lot to write. That's why I appreciate
that there are two monthly sections. I also
love that it has a to-do list on the side.

The next section is the weekly view. Here you'll write
all your assignments down. There's enough space for
multiple classes and the weekend is split into two,
but still leaves enough space for weekend plans.

Finally we have the Notes pages located before the
monthly section. There are 8 full, and 2 single pages.
Having a lot of notes pages on hand is great.

If you want an awesome agenda, buy here.

Well that's all for today's posts everyone!!
When school shopping season starts I'll upload
an Agenda Essentials post. I can't wait until August!!!

What Agenda did you guys choose? Comment down below!! <3

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